“On Deck”, by Carol Emmas


The ‘On Deck’ series, is drawn from time spent intermittently sailing around the UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece across two decades. Re-imaginings of these periods of travel have begun to surface, particularly, the connection to the sea and the shore.

Mental snapshots of being on board; the abstract shapes and forms of the boat, the contours of the coastline and the relationship of the boat to the sea have all found their way into my new work.

Trying to cross the boundaries between photography and art, my aim is to make my work look and feel like paintings. Yet, all illusory, the images are all taken from the likes of peeling paint and oxidised metals. My objective is to steer towards the abstract in order to portray a more emotive, sensory feeling.  I prefer to allow the viewer to create their own personal narrative from these imaginary elemental landscapes.