“Marine Lake Series”  2018  Derek King.              www.derekkingart.co.uk

Building on his previous exhibitions based on a coastal theme, Derek has developed further his visual vocabulary, this time focused on a 12 month study of the Marine lake at West Kirby, Wirral.  The exhibition reflects the continual investigation to the physical structure of the lake, the environment in which the lake sits and the psychological appeal of the lake itself. The resulting paintings, being both bold in expression and colour, depict an abstracted perspective on the familiar. 

" I have tried to capture the feeling of scale and shape as I sketched and walked (without falling in). This gives you a more fragmented perspective yet adds so much movement to what is a solid object. We all use the lake for a variety of reasons but what appeals to me is the idea that having gone round you always have a beginning, a middle and an end, irrespective of the weather".