“Marine Lake 3”  June 2019.  Derek King.              www.derekkingart.co.uk

Following two previous shows focused on the “Marine Lake”, Derek continues his investigation into the structural imposition of the Marine Lake, West Kirby, on the landscape and how its structure captures an ever changing environment. The resulting work touches on the familiar whilst offering a new and perceptively abstracted position.

The paintings, based on studies taken over the past 36 months, are often abstracted in order to augment the sense of atmosphere, surprising linear fragmentation and meeting of elements. They are, in essence, a very personal and emotional response to this landscape.

The work has developed over the past three years and has been informed as much by observation of the environment itself as it has from recent developments in his life drawing and painting. Capturing movement and form through line has had a clear impact in helping the work take on an immediacy and more sculptural feel.