July 2019. “Sea, Land and Trees”, joint exhibition with Peter Macaulay

“The collection of paintings I have created for this exhibition are a result of my connection to and interaction with nature, and the landscapes on my daily walks along the banks of the Dee estuary. As I walk I have both the estuary and the countryside around me.

My work has explored my love for trees. Not only their structure above ground but also their secret world below ground where science has now found they are able to communicate using a network of fungi that grows in and around their roots.

I have also expressed in my paintings my love for the estuary and its tidal waters. The energy and speed of the incoming tide. The smell and taste of the salty air. Many of my paintings are very spontaneous, and I like to incorporate in my fine art practice the use of texture and mark making. Most of my paintings are created from my own emotional response to the world around me. I try to paint what I feel.”

October 2018, “Tiny Islands” 

The collection of paintings for ‘Tiny Islands’ have been created throughout the seasons. They are inspired by my observations of the tidal Islands Hilbre Island, Little Eye and Middle Eye and the landscapes that surround them. My winter paintings explore the barren often bleak landscapes winter brings. When the earth, rocks, streams and tidal waters lose their summer warmth. As the winter slowly passes and we move into spring my paintings record the changes in the landscape, its colours and textures as the summer visitors return once again. Some of my abstract pieces are inspired by the tide of visitors that flow towards the beach and the tidal waters that flow inwards to the shore until the two tides meet.

May 2018

My paintings form part of an ongoing series of works inspired by my love of home and the everyday objects that surround me. They are also informed by my childhood memories of the security and comfort of home and family I was so lucky to have throughout all of my growing up years. Created in a naive style using mixed media and my chosen palette of colours often found in my landscapes and seascapes, I have also incorporated a contrast of brighter colours. Some of the artworks have been created using texture and mark making, an important part of my


My current practice is informed by my daily walks along the Dee Estuary. I have always lived by the Estuary and cannot imagine living anywhere else.  Many of my paintings are also evoked by my childhood memories of time spent growing up in West Kirby.  I walk whatever the weather and as we move from season to season, the changes in these surrounding landscapes are documented in my paintings. In my work I try to express my own emotional response to this very special place. I love to create semi-abstract artworks with lots of texture. Mark making is also an important part of my process.  Many of my paintings are created using quite a subtle palette, but I find that the seasons have some influence on my chosen colours.