Janine Suggett.

Born in Paris, Janine now lives and works in Oxton, Wirral. She trained as a graphic designer and now focuses on using mono-printing as her primary media. Subsequent enhancements add to her enjoyment of the “happy accidents” of the graphic line. She finds inspiration in the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life, collections arranged in a corner, and delight in the poetry of the unexpected. 

May 2018

We are always pleased to have Janine as a contributing artist as her enthusiasm and energy always rubs off on all around. As she herself puts it; 

"I squirrel ideas away, small still lives. In my head shapes come first, colours second - I used to be a strictly black and white print maker ! I get soft sheets of paper out of the drawer, Japanese, handmade, with impossibly beautiful names - Kanoko, Okiwara . One sketch book opened on one page. Drawings .... 

Tubes of printing inks out too. Need to order more. The cat is locked out of the room. Radio 4 on ... The ink under the brayer makes that perfect noise. It feels right . Now drop the paper gently on the inked glass surface ...

It is going to be a good afternoon.

I love mono printing!"