Mary Jane Flower

“Abstract Seascape” by Mary Jane Flower. Inspired by the views from the Island of Anglesey.

Showing throughout May 2019.

Having always loved sailing and the sea, and having spent much of her childhood messing about in boats, Mary settled in Beaumaris, on the island of Anglesey.  With its boat-filled bay, colourfully painted buildings, historic castle and beautiful views of Snowdonia, it is the perfect place to inspire her art.  

Island life means that there is a wealth of inspiration from the beautiful sea views.  Living close to the Menai Strait, facing the Welsh mountains - whose colours change hour by hour - provides endless inspiration for Mary’s painting.  

Over the years Mary has experimented with different styles and materials, and developed her own mono printing technique.  Much of Mary’s work is printed on calico, as opposed to canvas - she uses this to achieve an effect of fluidity from the inks, which enables her to express the movement of light on water.