Peter Macaulay. “Sea, Land and Trees”, joint exhibition with Fiona Philipps.

July 2019. “Sea, Land and Trees”.

These works represent a study over recent months of small image sketched in northern Majorca ten or more years ago. An unlikely subject for one whose usual preoccupation is the human figure. There are however parallels that can be drawn between the more usual erotically charged figures and these landscapes. As with the figurative work, at all times the subject is treated to a degree of distortion infusing the image with vitality and visual interest.

The direct approach to handling colour, sometimes crude and unpretentious at other times with great sensitivity results in an image both familiar yet mysterious. Always exploring new ways of looking at the familiar this work focuses both on the hot colours and dark shadows of Majorca and the contrasting calmer, cool tones of the local landscape. Uncanny, sometimes mysterious always capturing the essence of the subject without subverting the experience to illustration.


Staacks are pleased to present the work of Wirral based artist Peter Macaulay. Best known for his abstract figurative work, Peter continues to explore the boundaries between representation and abstraction never unafraid to experiment and take risks. He freely distorts anatomy and generally offers an extra dimension to the narrative which is quite often light and humorous.