Sherilyn Halligan  May 2018

Staacks are very pleased to have a continuing selection of Sherilyn's work. Not only does her work capture the ever changing light, colour and atmosphere of her environment but it evolves as her inquisitive nature takes her adventures in art across painting to collage and from sea and landscapes to her most recent work,  still life studies.

As Sherilyn puts it,

"Embracing 'Still Life' for me has been a huge leap into something more defined and personal, although initially this was not my intention.

My usual chaotic approach when starting a new work, whether it be an abstract piece or a coastal scene is to feverishly apply paint in all directions, creating textures and layers which 'breath life' and movement, and form a base from which I can move forward and expand. In contrast the 'Still Life' works are static, the objects carefully placed and lovingly chosen from possessions in my studio. Items such as art books, my Ercol candlestick chair from the 1950's and two exhibition  catalogues on  artists Richard Diebenkorn and William Scott whose work I have so much respect for and never tire of looking at. Using the canvas as a platform I have worked the paint to describe the three dimensional qualities of the objects as well as creating textures and layers so not to isolate but to create a unity between the painterly surface and the object within the given space".