we are here to help so don’t hesitate to ask. 

We believe that art and craft is for all.

We aim to bring to you works that are both attainable and affordable. Whilst hand-crafted, UK based artwork may appear more allusive, its unique, non mass produced distinctiveness is always worth that extra consideration.

We hope the high quality of work we show will allow you to adorn your home with pieces that will move you, touch others or simply make a statement above your sofa.


Whether your taste runs to bold, expressive statements or to the more subtle and traditional, the paintings you choose are certain to make an impact on your space.


Possibly the oldest of crafts, our ever changing collections continue to bring together a truly modern spin that will please, surprise and inspire. Practical and beautiful - ceramics make brilliant gifts.

gifts & textiles

We offer an eclectic collection of gifts suitable for that special person or occasion. From, freehand embroidery make-up bags, to hand poured candles and printed scarves.


A statement piece of jewellery can finish an outfit off instantly!  We have something unique to suit all tastes and make you the envy of all your friends!



A change of pace, a different perspective or variations of a theme can all describe the monthly exhibitions held at Staacks.  Our exhibitions offer you the chance to access art that will match your needs be they large or small, bright or subtle.


Touch it. Wear it, Use it or just love it. The collection at Staacks covers sculpture, wall hangings, t-lights and funky decorative hangings.


Photographs, paintings, posters, tapestry, boxing gloves, favourite shoes, sports kit, postcards, stamps…………… we endeavour to frame anything that is precious to you, using only sustainable wood.

coffee shop

We are not just a gallery. Why not take five and enjoy a great tasting coffee and fantastic homemade cake?  Our barista coffee uses only locally roasted beans ensuring your Latte or Espresso are consistently good.